December 16, 2004

Futureheads signed CD


Ever since we heard rumblings about these guys this summer, we here at Bluestate have been majorly into The Futureheads. They've been called the second coming of The Jam, compared to Franz Ferdinand and otherwise complimented in various and sundry ways by golden-tongued music critics.

Thanks to our friends at Filter Magazine, we will be giving away some preemo Futureheads swag - an autographed CD - to a lucky guest on Jan. 8. Here's an MP3 to whet your appetite:

The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights

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December 15, 2004

Do you like stuff? We like stuff.

Sure, a party with great music and fun people is cool. But a party with those elements AND free stuff is supercool! The bluestate crew is working hard to get lots of swag for the folks dancing (or at least drinking) at Black Cat backstage on January 8. We have a pile of CDs, vinyl, stickers and other surprises from TVT, Kranky, Kill Rock Stars and more to distribute at the inaugural bluestate party.

Keep checking the site to learn the latest about the music we'll play and the giveaways you can snag just by showing up and having fun.

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December 12, 2004


What are the bluestate kids mulling over as they plan their set lists? You can be sure that these artists are top contenders: Fiery Furnaces, !!!, Buzzcocks, Q and Not U, Hard Tomorrows, Futureheads, Le Tigre, Raveonettes, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Von Iva, Manda and the Marbles, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Sea Ray, Gorillaz, Charlatans, Morrissey, Elkland, The Cloud Room, The Faint, Belle & Sebastian, Ramones, and Metric.

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December 09, 2004


Seventy-five percent of the Bluestate coalition showed up at Saint-Ex, digital gadgets in hand, for Cricklewood Massive's iPod Jukebox. We tested out some new tracks, drank some strange seasonal beers and otherwise flyered the place to death.

Less than a month until the big show!

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December 07, 2004

Welcome Black Cat schedule clickers!

Check out the new flyer:

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December 02, 2004

Welcome to bluestate

Why think of something to write when we can quote the mighty DCeiver:

"Four of DC's finest bloggers-- DCSOB, [information leafblower], Seeking Irony, and WeirdCurves --are uniting to challenge all comers for dance party supremacy. Their hootenanny, Bluestate, is coming to the Black Cat on January 8. This is only the beginning of these bloggers' plans to basically kick everyone's ass at everything ever."

Add the fact that there's no cover and you have bluestate in a nutshell. We'll spin something old (New wave, punk), something new (indie dancey), something borrowed (the space, for one) and something blue (Monday, perhaps?). Other similarities to a wedding:

  • Many guests will say they came because they like us;
  • Most just want to get laid;
  • There will be a bar.

And the main differences:

  • You have to pay for the drinks;
  • Nobody is getting married;
  • While technically permitted, neither the Funky Chicken nor the Electric Slide will be encouraged by the DJs.

So check this space regularly for more information, future dates (January 8! January 8!) and some other special features, like MP3s and photos. So sit tight and think BLUE!

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